Payday Loans Rooster Code of Conduct


Loan Flexibility

Payday Rooster will never force you take loan of an amount greater than what you need. The amount of the loan will be decided by you and the lender depending upon your ability to repay. The loan amount which you can receive will be decided depending upon several parameters and will be communicated to you before getting your signature on any documentation. In case this is the first time you are taking a short term loan through Payday rooster, then the maximum loan you can receive will be $500.

Transparent Process

At the time of taking your signatures you would be informed about the total amount to be repaid along with the date by which you are expected to make the payment. The contract will be divided into easily understandable terms and conditions. This ensures that there wouldn’t be any hidden charges or expenses with your loan. The contract will also clearly state the details of the penalties and charges that you would have to pay if you default on your loan payments.

Credit Check

We make use of publicly available information provided by major credit bureaus in order to protect the lenders from loan frauds and assist them in making a decision depending upon the urgency of your needs. The loan details might include your current financial commitments and disposable income including other loans regardless of the fact that they are long term or short term. If your loan application is rejected then Payday Rooster will be responsible for providing you with valid reasons for the same. Depending upon your case we would also offer you advice in order to prevent your loan application from getting rejected the next time you apply. We also understand that an individual’s credit circumstances change with time and hence Payday Rooster will use fresh credit data each time you apply for payday loans through us. In some cases your loan application might be rejected even though you had used our services before and cleared the loan on time. This happens because we utilize your overall credit data to come to a decision and not just your relation with us.

Short term Lending

While you are applying for a loan consider your capability to repay the loan. We would always want you to repay the loan before the due date of repayment. We are willing to provide you any information regarding the interest amount that has been accrued on the lent amount on any given date and how much you can save just by repaying the loan amount before specified time. No penalties or extra fees are charged in case you make the payments of your loan before the stipulated time. During the entire period of your loan we would constantly remind you of the due amount and the last date to make the payment. If the payment has not been made then the amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account. It would be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that sufficient funds are present in account at the last date. In case your chances of defaulting on the payment are high, you should immediately contact your lender. At Payday Rooster we do not facilitate loan rollovers and refinancing.

Fair Policies

Payday Rooster as a responsible organization always tries to educate its customers regarding the risks involved with short term loans as well as the implications involved if you default on the repayment. In case you default on the repayments, we would try to shield your interests. Our collection professionals would look for a solution that will be beneficial for you, the lender and Payday Rooster. Under certain special cases we might even decide to increase the repayment period of your loan if it’s in your best interest and you have made a special request for the same with us and with the lender.

Fast Response

You can always reach us through the several methods mentioned in our website’s contact us section. We will always assist you during our business hours. You can easily contact us through email, telephone or through our website. We always make an effort to provide you with clear answers to all your queries. We make every attempt to resolve your complaint within 48 hours of lodging it. However in certain complex cases the time taken to resolve a certain problem might be greater than 48 hours. Even if the solution to your problem is delayed we would tell you regarding the same along with the reason of the delay and by when you can expect a solution. In case you feel that our response is not satisfactory, you can always communicate the dissatisfaction to us along with the reason for the same and we would try to resolve it as soon as possible.


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