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Disclosure of APR

APR is a term used to refer to the amount repaid on a loan taken for 1 year duration. For a standard 2 week loan is expected to vary somewhere around 546% to 600%. This variation is dependent upon the state where you live and the time period of the loan that you have taken, your individual lender and your financial situation

Implication of Late Payments – If the customer fails to repay the loan on time, he may be asked to pay a late fee fine and collection costs. They may also be subject to loan charge off and the debt will be forwarded to a collection agency. As long as the borrower repays the loan before the charge off, he can have the opportunity to bring their loan as current.

Implications of Non-Payment – If you altogether fail to repay the loan, it has several financial implications. At present we at Payday Rooster would not be charging any additional interest rate on the loan which has not been timely repaid. However the borrower will have to bear a late fine and some charges if he fails to make the payment in time or his preferred payment method is rejected due to insufficient funds. The amount might vary with the province. Your lender will provide all the details including the exact costs and charges related to your loan.

Collection practices – We use standard debt collection methods such as postal mail, email, text message and telephone to collect any unpaid amount. Similarly, we can use the rights as mentioned in the loan agreements. We also possess the right of selling your pending debt to any third party agency. The party may also use similar methods of recovering the pending loan amount.

Impact on credit score – As of now we normally do not report your loan activity to any credit reporting department such as TransUnion or Equifax Canada but we may opt to report it to any alternating agency if there is a delay in your loan repayment then such agencies are reported which may affect your chances of getting a quick loan in future.


Renewal policy – Loans are not renewed automatically.




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